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She has NYC School Nurses in her hands

I am proud to be a NYC School Nurse and Proud to thank Ms. Gail Adman Director of Nursing with the NYC Office of School Health. Ms. Adman is the Director of Nursing for approximately 1800 school nurses. Prior to this pandemic she has always been committed to the school children of NYC as she says “the children are the center of everything we do”. Ms. Adman was the first NYC nurse to be activated during this COVID 19 , working 7 days a week. She fearlessly supports the Office of School health Team. Ms. Adman recognizes that the work environments are very stressful and uncertain. She interprets the reality wile showing her team that we are all in this together and that we will get through this together. She is a true leader and a servant to her nursing team as we collectively serve during Covid19. Ms. Adman never loses the light and we can count on her strength. Thank you Ms. Gail Adman NYC Office of School health Director of Nursing

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