Thankful hearts

Ledwena was the nurse assigned to my daughter at the moment of her birth. Since we worked in the same hospital, we had met before but never in these circumstances. My daughter was 6 weeks early and begin having respiratory distress within the hour of her birth. Though she tried to prevent the NICU visit, Ledwena was quick to bring her to me for a few moments, explain what was happening, and then swept her to the NICU, where she stayed for two weeks. We were so blessed for Ledwena who was able to calm the fears of a nurse who “knows too much and too little”. For the past 15 years, on Abigail’s birthday, I say a prayer for Ledwena asking the Lord to bless her. And then I send her the newest picture of my girl! Thank you to all the NICU nurses out there! You make a difference.

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