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RN,BSN, CCRC – research nurse

As a registered nurse starting the 41st year of my career (so I am in my 60s) I am grateful to all the nurses at the bedsides around our country, our region and the world.. I have read some harrowing and heart warming stories on the intranet and my heart breaks for every colleague, known and unknown, who is at the forefront of this battle. . I pray every night that they get through another shift, day, week, month etc with enough PPE and support to avoid getting sick themselves. I am grateful that I work in pediatrics and our numbers of children badly effected by this in our region have been very low. I am grateful to support the rest of the organization’s mission by working remotely, because my job only involves being directly with research patients for very limited numbers of hours. I am not the healthiest I have ever been in my lifetime and am worried about actually getting sick with this virus. But I know that the nurses who would care for me if I do will do everything in their power to help me recover. Bless you all and be safe!

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