RN Daughter Thankyou

During the COVID pandemic my daughter was called to duty in a way that only an RN could respond to. Her children were assigned to remote learning and so she designed a home school for 2 of the 3 teens. One of them has special learning needs and multiple complex medical needs that she managed 24/7 for a full year. In order to do this she had to resign from her paying RN position as an RN, pivot and become a special education teacher. Zoom was not appropriate for her child, and their were none of the usual therapies available due to the pandemic. Today her child is back to a full time ABA program that my daughter assisted in creating during the pandemic with area educators. My daughter has gone back to work after 2 years of being home as a super mom, nurse, educator, and counselor. I have such gratitude for the love and care she gave and continues to give to her family and her patients. I am also an RN and for many months because of my work we could not see each other. Today as vaccinated and boosted nurses we are able to once again be a whole family.