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Steph Nault and her Amazingness!

Stephanie Nault (Steph) is a Registered Nurse and Nurse Educator for a medical/surgical/neurology unit at the William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital in Madison, WI (Madison VA). She has worked for this organization, and on this particular unit, for more than 20 years. She has made a significant impact on the veteran population over her tenure but most recently when her med-surg unit became a COVID-19 unit, providing specialized nursing cares to military veterans diagnosed with the virus. With little guidance during the onset of the pandemic, Steph collaborated with leaders in nursing, pharmacy, and medicine to develop new COVID-19 protocols and provide the best evidence-based care for our inpatient veteran population. Specifically, Steph developed the COVID-19 processes for her unit and the Monoclonal Antibody Treatment (MAT infusions) with FDA Emergency Use Authorization for COVID-19 inpatient protocol for the Madison VA. Briefly, MAT infusions are used for patients who are at high risk of disease progression. These antibodies can help the immune system respond to the virus. MAT infusions can be effective at decreasing hospitalizations due to COVID-19. As a Nurse Educator, she worked diligently to ensure appropriate and safe steps were taken for administering an outpatient medication on an inpatient unit. During the past year, she continued to lead other hospital-wide initiatives such as teaching new nurses about documentation using our complex charting system during nursing core orientation. Also, she championed the medication home intake process with her colleagues in pharmacy, that is, a safe way to address, document and secure patients’ home medications while hospitalized. Most importantly, Steph continues to work at the bedside providing direct patient care to our veterans during the pandemic. Steph is a caring and inspirational nurse leader. When many nurses were leaving the profession or required to telework from home, Steph continued to show up and loves her veterans! Happy Nurses Week, Steph!