From My Heart to Yours

❤️Dear Nurse❤️

A reflection from my heart to yours.

Have you ever wondered why you care for others with such unconditional love and compassion? Or why you are able to give of yourself without thought, or sometimes rational reason?

You my friend, have an undeniable purpose. Here, in this moment, in this time. It is a purpose one cannot fully explain, but it is embedded in your soul.

Trust that those you touch can sense the power and the beauty of your authentic desire to give them the truth of caring. Care that is expressed through pure passion. A selfless gift full of love, kindness, compassion and joy. A gift given with skilled and gentle hands, a kind smile, soothing words and peaceful silence. Your purpose is the power of your love. Giving energy, tranquility and genuine light to others.

Resolve to endure. Believe you are a beautiful force, full of radiance, warmth and energy. The love you give to others will return to nourish and replenish your purposeful, powerful being.