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Always remember our nurse.

I am grateful to be a nurse as I have seen so many moments in the life process. Since starting nursing school, I have made many friends and acquaintances that have impacted my life, and we have, in turn, affected countless others. One nurse I met as we pursued our nursing careers became my sister in nursing and life in 2010. Her name is Amy Grimes. Amy decided that Travel nursing was her career. She worked tirelessly through the pandemic as a travel nurse and even got her sister to start travel nursing. She got married in December 2020. In April 2021, our lives changed forever when Amy was rushed to the hospital and passed away at 33 years old. She was far from home working at Johns Hopkins. I am thankful for her life as she lived it to the fullest and touched countless lives. Without nursing, we would have never become friends. Never forget the ones who touched our lives. Every day as I walk into work, I think of my friend and honor her memory with every chance I get. I write this as we nurses see life brought into the world and it taken away from the world. Our lives are just as valuable as our patients. I am thankful we have an advanced medical system in our country to enable us to take care of ourselves. Make time to provide self-care, especially after these years of the pandemic. Thank yourself for all the differences you have made in our world and for yourself. Keep caring for your patients and yourself. We, nurses, are warriors, heroes, nurturers, and survivors. Thank you all for the care you provide to our patients and for your personal lives. You are valuable and needed in each capacity.