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Moxie Scrubs was born out of the Harvard Innovation Lab in Boston and founded by Alicia Tulsee. Our mission is to enhance, inspire, and empower the MOXIE in every nurse. One can define Moxie as having ‘force of character, determination or nerve’, which represents the nurses who are part of the movement behind our brand.

“Moxie is for nurses, by nurses because nurses are the beating heart of healthcare. We don’t just celebrate Nurses Week in May, we celebrate nurses every single day at Moxie Scrubs.

This year, we’re highlighting the sacrifices they make to keep us safe and healthy by sharing their stories, and giving wellness gifts and resources to care for them during life on the shift and beyond.

Every day is a “thank you, nurses” at Moxie Scrubs.

– Alicia Tulsee, Founder

Moxie Scrubs
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Self-Care Tips & Resources
from our moxie nurses

Surviving the First Year: 10 Things I Wish I Knew as a New Nurse

So, you finished nursing school and got your first job. Congratulations!

We know the NCLEX likely didn’t fully prepare A++ students for crashing patients, challenging family dynamics, or working the night shift.

Before you find yourself regularly crying in the supply room an hour into your shift, check out these survival tips from veteran nurse, Alissa Hershberger, MSN, RN, CCRN, CNE.

Incredible Lunch Ideas for the Busy Nurse

So, you finished nursing school and got your first job. Congratulations!As nurses, we know that a consistent, nutritious, delicious lunch is essential for our own health and our patient’s well-being.

Kathi Close, RN of over 40 years (wow!), shares her hacks on creating quick, delicious, nourishing grab-and-go meals to boost mood and resilience. You deserve to not only survive epic shifts, but thrive.

3 Quick Things You Can Do When You’re Too Stressed to Take a Break

We all know at least one ultra-efficient nurse who seems to have endless energy, efficiently completing long lists of tasks, all of which seem impossible as a new nurse or nursing student.

While the “Go-Go-Go” mentality appears to be the best way to get it all done, studies show taking breaks and breathers throughout your shift not only increases your own resilience and health, they increase productivity while reducing the chance of making mistakes due to over-tiredness.

Let’s dive into why it’s so hard for nurses to take breaks, and ways to stay centered throughout your shift. Thanks to Susannah Marshall, BSN, RN-BC, CCM, for these practical tools!