Notes of Gratitude

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Nurses Month Week Two: Recognition

Notes of Gratitude

Add your tribute to our nurses month recognition wall…for a nurse who made an impact either in your care or that of a loved one, a thank you to a colleague, family or friend, or a general acknowledgement to all nurses for all they do.

<3 We are NURSES <3

I am grateful for my nurse friends and colleagues. Shannon O., Ronnie F., Jill P., Valerie S., and many others that I am lucky enough to serve with in public health. Much love to you all. Every nurse is a super hero!

Rachel Smith, RN, MSN PMHNP the nurse you changed my life

Professor Rachel Smith was the most influential nurse that has ever crossed my path. An innate leader, she taught my Nursing Psych class for my accelerated RN cohort. She not only taught us the didactic component of a very important component of patient care but she also led our clinicals. I think what touched me the most is her treatment of the patients we interfaced with. A balanced and genuine approach, was how she modeled unbiased and professional care to patients, caregivers, and hospital staff. How fortunate I was to learn from her. I am so grateful that she continues to be a professional touchstone in my life no matter where we are geographically. She gave me the confidence to shine in my profession. I consider myself and all who have the privilege of being under her tutelage and medical care, blessed.

Amazing daughter and nurse

My daughter is a nurse, just like me, but she is a new nurse and always sees the good in everyone no matter what. She is a blessing to the profession. 💜

Leading with Compassion

I am grateful for Betty Vanstedum MSN RN. She gave me my first opportunity at my dream job of being a nurse educator. She has supported and mentored me to help usher in the next generation of caring and compassionate nurses. She leads with compassion. She works so hard to make our profession better. Thank you!

Always remember our nurse.

I am grateful to be a nurse as I have seen so many moments in the life process. Since starting nursing school, I have made many friends and acquaintances that have impacted my life, and we have, in turn, affected countless others. One nurse I met as we pursued our nursing careers became my sister in nursing and life in 2010. Her name is Amy Grimes. Amy decided that Travel nursing was her career. She worked tirelessly through the pandemic as a travel nurse and even got her sister to start travel nursing. She got married in December 2020. In April 2021, our lives changed forever when Amy was rushed to the hospital and passed away at 33 years old. She was far from home working at Johns Hopkins. I am thankful for her life as she lived it to the fullest and touched countless lives. Without nursing, we would have never become friends. Never forget the ones who touched our lives. Every day as I walk into work, I think of my friend and honor her memory with every chance I get. I write this as we nurses see life brought into the world and it taken away from the world. Our lives are just as valuable as our patients. I am thankful we have an advanced medical system in our country to enable us to take care of ourselves. Make time to provide self-care, especially after these years of the pandemic. Thank yourself for all the differences you have made in our world and for yourself. Keep caring for your patients and yourself. We, nurses, are warriors, heroes, nurturers, and survivors. Thank you all for the care you provide to our patients and for your personal lives. You are valuable and needed in each capacity.


Thank you to all of my coworkers on 3 West at Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Van Nuys CA. I became part of an amazing team when I joined your staff 11 years ago. Your compassion, your skill, your care of our new moms and babies made me glad to be a nurse.
I miss you all (I retired in December) and wish you well.


Mary-Collette Griffin was working in the ER when she suddenly became desperately ill. She survived cardiac arrest, coma, and had an LVAD and a replacement while waiting for a donor heart. She also went back to school to get her bachelors degree , during this stressful, demanding time. After her successful heart transplant, she later developed kidney failure from anti rejection medications. While navigating dialysis, she learned home PD and later home hemodialysis. And guess what she did in her free time? She is looking into applying to graduate school. Why, because she wants to get back to the profession she loves, nursing. She is a remarkable inspiration to me and a very large posse of peers and friends. I hope her story inspires you to go get that degree you’ve been meaning to do.

Paying Homage to Four African American Nurse Educators

I am forever grateful to Karen Faison, PhD, Patricia Sloan, PhD, Frances Montague, DNP, and Florence Jones Clark, MSN. Collectively, they bring over 100 years of nursing experience, each one being in nursing more than 30 years. These nurses are excellent mentors and role models who take every opportunity to expand the knowledge of current and future nurses. Although three of the four of them are retired, they are relentless in their efforts to educate, inspire and encourage nurses to advance equity, espouse inclusivity, to promote social justice, and to embrace and celebrate diversity. It is a pleasure to serve and learn from these exceptional nurses! Love all of you!!

PSKC is the Best!!

The whole crew at Puget Sound Kidney Centers deserves kudos for they constant, exceptional service to those with kidney damage! They are simply the best!!

From My Heart to Yours

❤️Dear Nurse❤️

A reflection from my heart to yours.

Have you ever wondered why you care for others with such unconditional love and compassion? Or why you are able to give of yourself without thought, or sometimes rational reason?

You my friend, have an undeniable purpose. Here, in this moment, in this time. It is a purpose one cannot fully explain, but it is embedded in your soul.

Trust that those you touch can sense the power and the beauty of your authentic desire to give them the truth of caring. Care that is expressed through pure passion. A selfless gift full of love, kindness, compassion and joy. A gift given with skilled and gentle hands, a kind smile, soothing words and peaceful silence. Your purpose is the power of your love. Giving energy, tranquility and genuine light to others.

Resolve to endure. Believe you are a beautiful force, full of radiance, warmth and energy. The love you give to others will return to nourish and replenish your purposeful, powerful being.

Thank You Dr. O

It is a beautiful thing to have someone who looks like me that speaks life into my dreams and aspirations even if they have the potential to change with the direction of the wind. It is extraordinary to have someone that looks like me that listens and encourages me to spread my wings in whatever I believe I may be great in. It is exceptional to have someone that looks like me that is not discouraging when I express my dreams and aspirations. It is outstanding to have someone who looks like me provide a safe haven of sorts I can nestle in when the world around me is sheer pandemonium. Thank you and I appreciate you.

Pausing and Reflecting

I have been a proud Registered Nurse since 1995, in that time I have worked with a number of nurses and am thankful for my nurse colleagues. I am eternally grateful for the frontline nurses over the past two years who have dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic. A special thank you to the Nurses at Advent Health Rollins Street in Orlando, FL who took care of my beloved brother for nearly two months until he expired from Covid. The daily calls and updates you provided to me when we were unable to see him…the playing of the CD continually while he was intubated and sedated provided me a sense of comfort.

To BHS Nurses

I am so thankful for the nurses at Behavioral Health Services, Inc. It is an honor to be a part of your team, and I am inspired by your dedication and hard work. You do this job because you are passionate about caring for people with substance use disorder. Our clients and other staff are in good hands when you are on shift. Thank you!!

Steph Nault and her Amazingness!

Stephanie Nault (Steph) is a Registered Nurse and Nurse Educator for a medical/surgical/neurology unit at the William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital in Madison, WI (Madison VA). She has worked for this organization, and on this particular unit, for more than 20 years. She has made a significant impact on the veteran population over her tenure but most recently when her med-surg unit became a COVID-19 unit, providing specialized nursing cares to military veterans diagnosed with the virus. With little guidance during the onset of the pandemic, Steph collaborated with leaders in nursing, pharmacy, and medicine to develop new COVID-19 protocols and provide the best evidence-based care for our inpatient veteran population. Specifically, Steph developed the COVID-19 processes for her unit and the Monoclonal Antibody Treatment (MAT infusions) with FDA Emergency Use Authorization for COVID-19 inpatient protocol for the Madison VA. Briefly, MAT infusions are used for patients who are at high risk of disease progression. These antibodies can help the immune system respond to the virus. MAT infusions can be effective at decreasing hospitalizations due to COVID-19. As a Nurse Educator, she worked diligently to ensure appropriate and safe steps were taken for administering an outpatient medication on an inpatient unit. During the past year, she continued to lead other hospital-wide initiatives such as teaching new nurses about documentation using our complex charting system during nursing core orientation. Also, she championed the medication home intake process with her colleagues in pharmacy, that is, a safe way to address, document and secure patients’ home medications while hospitalized. Most importantly, Steph continues to work at the bedside providing direct patient care to our veterans during the pandemic. Steph is a caring and inspirational nurse leader. When many nurses were leaving the profession or required to telework from home, Steph continued to show up and loves her veterans! Happy Nurses Week, Steph!

Thank You Nexus Specialty Nursing Staff

I’m grateful for our entire nursing team. It’s been a hard couple of years and yet our work remains special. You are hopeful healers. I dedicate this post because of your willingness to continue to care during deeply turbulent times. I admire your grace. I acknowledge your grit. Stay Goptic!

RN Daughter Thankyou

During the COVID pandemic my daughter was called to duty in a way that only an RN could respond to. Her children were assigned to remote learning and so she designed a home school for 2 of the 3 teens. One of them has special learning needs and multiple complex medical needs that she managed 24/7 for a full year. In order to do this she had to resign from her paying RN position as an RN, pivot and become a special education teacher. Zoom was not appropriate for her child, and their were none of the usual therapies available due to the pandemic. Today her child is back to a full time ABA program that my daughter assisted in creating during the pandemic with area educators. My daughter has gone back to work after 2 years of being home as a super mom, nurse, educator, and counselor. I have such gratitude for the love and care she gave and continues to give to her family and her patients. I am also an RN and for many months because of my work we could not see each other. Today as vaccinated and boosted nurses we are able to once again be a whole family.

An awesome nurse

I am grateful for Kimberly Hopkins RN, soon to be a DNP from Delaware. She is my hero. Educator. Hardworking mother. A friend when you need her. Thank you!

Thank You

Right now without nurses, we would be in chaos. Nurses are the backbone of the whole entire medical field. They work countless hours helping patients taking care of them without a second thought in their minds. They give medication to apply catheters, talk to the patients and etc. I just want nurses to know that we are grateful for them.

Thank you, Mama!

My mom has been working as a nurse since I was born (I’m currently 17). Throughout her work during the COVID pandemic, she has been working so hard to provide for and protect my family. Every time she goes to work, I’ve feared her contracting the virus but, luckily, she doesn’t work directly with COVID patients. I’m so incredibly lucky to have her as my mother. Her kindness and hard work continue to inspire me and encourages me to join the healthcare field!

Thank You Mom

My mom works at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx. I admire her hard work to help bring happiness to families so that their loved ones can hopefully see each other again, especially during this pandemic, many hardships have faced her. However, despite those hardships, she has always managed to overcome them. Working as a nurse is a tough job. I admire my mom’s hard work, especially during this pandemic. Thank you, mom, for all of the hard work that you do, and to all of the nurses as well.

Thank you

Even though I have never had a personal experience with a nurse I have read many articles and seen many videos of nurses on the news and how they are such a great help to us right now. I am so grateful to have the great nurses we do have and for putting their lives at risk to help the rest of the world. Nurses are amazing. Thank you!

Thank You Very Much

When my brother broke his ankle playing basketball he had to go to the hospital. He always told me about how nice the nurses were to him and how welcoming they made him feel. When I visited him in the hospital he was overjoyed and seemed really happy; like at home. Basketball was his joy. It helps him relax, think and his everyday hobby. He should have been devastated. But he wasn’t. His experience with the nurses and the vibe there made him less depressed. So I’m grateful for what nurses have to go through, who they encourage, and how comforting they are. It’s what inspired me t look into their profession. I respect and love my brother with all my heart. So when he’s hurt and possibly have his soul(basketball) taken away from him, I just tear apart. I’m very thankful for the nurses that cheered up my brother. I wish I knew their names.

Missoula, Montana

To a nurse named Nichole,

I cannot believe it has been more than 5 years have passed since my graduation. As if it were yesterday, I can still feel the weight of emotion overcoming me as I stepped onto the unit to train. I felt like an imposter, a fake. I questioned myself daily – could I really be a qualified nurse? The first 6 months were tough, challenging in ways I could not have imagined.

However, as each shift went by and each hour wound down, I began to question myself less and encourage myself more. A belief slowly set in, one that allowed me to hope – I can be a nurse, I have the skill sets to do this. Slowly, my hands steadied, my head focused and I transformed into the competent, capable woman I am today.

It took time, it took effort, it took energy. With your guidance and insights I no longer feel as though I am floundering, rather, flourishing. Though you likely did not realize it, I was a sponge, absorbing your natural talent to stay calm and focused in an otherwise (and far too often) crazy environment. I need to say thank you – for promoting a safe workplace, one that encourages and supports nursing “young,” for reminding us that nursing is a team effort, that there is no room for punitive talk or harsh judgement and for letting evidence based practice guide. Most of all, thank you for teaching me to always consider my patient’s baseline vital signs before I rush to call a med-team.

In these moments of chaos and uncertainty, let us support our roots, our foundations. Here’s to the ones who helped us grow and bloom.

Thank you Nichole Woods for all you taught me.

Nurses are LifeSavers

I am grateful for a Nurse because it was a Nurse that taught me everything I know about the profession of Nursing. It is because of that Nurse that I have worked as an adjunct instructor. I wanted to give back to the profession that has given so much to me. Over, the years I have seen so many changes. I remember wearing Nurses caps and white dresses, I remember when Nurses worked mostly in hospitals or schools. But now Nurses are writing their own tickets and calling all of the shots. We are LifeSavers. I am so proud to be a part of a profession that gives back to so many. I am Nursing and I love ❤️ what I do.