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Week 2: Recognition

Recognition Stories

Lynne Meadows, RN, BSN, MS, School Health

Atlanta, GA

School Nurses have been on the frontline since the pandemic hit. We have worked tirelessly. Yes, 7 days a week, 10-14 shifts assisting with contact tracing and case investigation. Additionally, we have helped to lead our school systems response to COVID by helping to develop new COVID-19 protocols and procedures, transforming our clinics & practice, working in collaboration with public health to offer testing and recently administering COVID-19 vaccines…all in an effort to keep our students and staff healthy, safe and ready to learn. We salute all School Nurses!

Cindy Koenig, RN, Operating Room

Thousand Oaks, CA

In the Operating Room, teamwork is crucial. My coworkers are the best example of an efficient, highly functioning team — and fun is included!

Rebecca Bradley, MSN, RN, NPD-BC

Rapid City, SD

Bedside Nursing Council Leaders — During the hardest year in healthcare!

Patricia Fiore, BSN, RN, PEL-IL, NCSN, School Nursing

Lincolnshire, IL

I have been a nurse for over 10 years with experience in NICU, labor and delivery, and now for the last six years, school nursing. The pandemic has weighed heavily on all healthcare professionals, but school nurses have held a pivotal role in the safe return of students and staff to the school setting this past year. Our health services team at Adlai E. Stevenson High School has demonstrated adaptability, innovation, and unwavering positivity in the midst of ever changing COVID-19 guidance. This year our nurses have gone above and beyond to ensure that our school community is safe and healthy, oftentimes working long hours and answering emails from home to provide guidance, respond to questions and alleviate concerns. From COVID-19 testing to our health and safety protocols, school nurses continue to provide critical services for our students, staff, and families. I have seen our team of nurses provide care for staff members having medical emergencies with immense compassion, holding their hand and assuring them they were going to get the care they needed. I have seen them move quickly in instances of severe anaphylaxis with immediate epipen administration and diligent investigation into the cause afterwards. I have heard them sit with the students in our calming rooms practicing deep breathing techniques and listening with an open mind and heart to students’ concerns, worries and frustrations. I have seen them advocate for students’ needs to help them navigate and thrive in their educational journeys. They are the unsung heroes of our school community and the nursing profession, easily overlooked but crucial in every aspect of healthcare and school operations.

Maria Giftopoulos-Howard, RN BSN, PICU

Buffalo, NY

Working with colleagues that have had challenges at home and in the work place has truly made me respect them in a whole new way. Nurses working full time with children or loved ones who have been ill gives me the appreciation that health care providers are truly a different breed of workers. I want to take this opportunity to celebrate nurses and all health care providers everywhere.

Deborah Stokes, MSN, BSN, RN Diploma, Nursing Education

Collinsville, MS

Hello, My name is Deborah Bourrage Stokes and I am proud to be a Registered Nurse and so very proud to be a member of our great nursing profession especially after this deadly season of COVID-19! I was the first African American Nursing Educator in Meridian, Mississippi and one of the first Black Nursing Educators in the State of Mississippi. I taught first at the now closed, but excellent Matty Hersee School of Nursing Registered Nursing Program from 1975-1979 and taught in the Associate Degree/ Registered Nursing Program (equally excellent) at Meridian Community College for 32 years. My greatest joy in teaching nursing was my students! Guiding them and assisting them in becoming competent, caring, compassionate and excellent registered nurses who used critical thinking to enhance positive outcomes in their patients was truly a “Calling” for me! Now retired, I am still very active in nursing! Each month, I write a Wellness and Prevention Health article for a local church newsletter called “Unifam Church Newsletter” which reaches many churches in the Meridian and Lauderdale County areas. In addition, I continue to teach Wellness and Health Maintenance in my church, Church District and on the state level, and I make myself available to my family, church family, friends and community. And I have organized Health Fairs for the East Mississippi Retired Teachers Association. and it is true. Nurses are life-long learns! Congratulations to ALL of my fellow nurses who work everyday for the health of Americans!

Charlie Buscemi, PhD, APRN, Wound Care

Miami, FL

Celebrating LGBTQ Nursing students with my Pride Honor Cords.

Kim Miller, RN, BSN, PCU

Dawson, PA

We always have each other’s back. I work with a great team!


New York City, NY

NYU Langone Medical CCU nurses. The BEST set of nurses to work with in the CCU!!!

Latoya O’Gere, DNP, MSN/Ed, RN, Nursing Leadership

New York, NY

I am proud to lead an amazing team of nurses who provide exceptional care to our patients, families, and communities everyday! With my nursing squad- being a nurse is our super power!

Susan Murphy, MSN CCRN, Interventional Cardiology

West Sayville, NY

Amazing nursing staff who give exceptional care at South Shore University Hospital/Northwell Health Interventional Cardiology Unit.

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