Nurses Month Week 4

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Nurses Month Week 4 Community Engagement

Week four’s theme is community engagement. Nurses’ vital contributions make a profound difference in the health and well-being of our communities.  It’s a great time to show your pride as a nurse.

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Obesity Care Resources

Novo Nordisk is proud to partner with the American Nurses Association and the Nurses Obesity Network to recommend a variety of free tools and resources that will empower you to better understand, and engage in conversations about, obesity and treatment options. The way we think, talk and care about obesity and its impact on our communities is changing.

End Nurse Abuse

With long hours, emotionally charged situations, and lives on the line, the last thing a nurse should have to worry about is their own physical safety. Unfortunately, workplace violence in nursing is nothing new. However, during the pandemic, we have seen increased incidents and heightened impacts on nurse well-being. One item of good news, for hospital-based nurses, is the new Joint Commission standard requiring workplace violence prevention plans. It is our hope that with awareness and conversations, nurses can make the most of this new tool in hospital safety. In our blog, JC Now Requires WPV Prevention, we explore the issue and offer tips for nurse engagement in JC implementation. Change starts with us — visit our #endnurseabuse landing page for more information.

ANA's Advocacy Quick Take. Change fueled by you. See how your voice can make a difference.

ANA works closely with federal and state leaders to ensure that the needs of nurses are always top of mind when passing respective new legislation. But we don’t do it alone. Just last year, more than 113,000 nurses and advocates joined RNAction and sent over 60,000 letters to Congress. See how you can make a difference by visiting the RNAction Center and visit YouTube for our newest series, Advocacy Quick Takes, to hear about our latest accomplishments.

Infection prevention and control training courses now available. Developed for nurses, by nurses.

Take part in Project Firstline, a collaboration between ANA and the CDC to provide FREE infection prevention and control training to nurses like you. Resources and training opportunities will prepare you to protect yourself, your patients and your community from infectious disease threats. Be sure to check out new IPC training modules now available and see how you can make an impact in your community while earning CNE.

To be a Nurse: Community Engagement Stories

This week, read stories from nurses that show just how special the nursing profession is not only towards their patients, but to everyone around them. Get inspired by nurses across the country going beyond the bedside to serve the needs of their communities. Tell your own story and upload a picture. By sharing our stories we spark the next great idea or act of kindness in someone else.

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