Nurses Month Week 1 Day 3

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Nurses Month Week 1. Self-Care

On May 1, 2017, ANA Enterprise launched a free nurse wellness program: Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ (HNHN)! Its goal? Transform the health of the nation by improving the health of its registered nurses in five domains: physical activity, nutrition, rest, safety, and quality of life. With 25,000 participants and 350 partner organizations, HNHN was on its way.

Fast forward five years and wow! HNHN now has well over 300,000 participants and 600+ partner organizations. With a growing collection of nurse-centric health and safety blogs, a thriving Facebook community , a full calendar of monthly challenges, fun giveaways, a fresh new look, an engaged Advisory Committee, and a dedicated team researcher, HNHN has so much to offer coming into our 5th year. We’ve even added a new domain: mental health!

HNHN provides resources, friendly competition, individualized health risk appraisal results, and community support for nurses no matter where they are in their wellness journey. And we remain free of charge and are open to everyone.

Come celebrate with us this “Self-Care” week, sponsored by Moxie Scrubs, with inspirational #healthynurse Spotlights, popular past challenge tips, and energizing calls to action each day. Don’t miss our #healthynurse Coffee Break, powered by CeraVe, in celebration of Nurses Month and five years of HNHN. Attendees will receive a free gift.

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Healthy Nurse. Healthy Nation. Celebrating Five Years.

Time Out Tuesday

Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation (HNHN) uses the term “rest” to refer to sleep, fatigue mitigation, and general restoration of mind and body.

Our HealthyNurse Survey data shows that nurses and nursing students get almost two hours less sleep per day than the average US citizen. Furthermore, nurses often cannot take their breaks, eat meals, or visit the bathroom while on duty. Nurses need the restoration that proper sleep, appropriate work breaks, and vacation time provide.

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#healthynurse SPOTLIGHT

Nia Martin, MSN-Ed, RN

Nia Martin sets aside a special day each week to focus on her own well-being. This means an entire day dedicated to what she needs in that moment. Nia does whatever she feels her body and mind need — and leaves everything else to her family. For her, that means no cooking, no cleaning, and no stress. Nia tells us, “It was definitely an adjustment for my family to understand that I need this time for myself.”  Nia counsels other nurses to create time for themselves. “Figure out what makes you feel whole and stay true to that. It’s not selfish to focus on yourself. You can’t care for others if you don’t care for yourself.”

Visit our past #healthynurse Spotlights through the years. Each spotlight shares an intimate look at a nurse’s or student nurse’s journey and helpful wellness pointers.

TIPS FROM HNHN’s 2020 Your Best Sleep Yet Challenge, powered by Compass One

Make your bedroom a sanctuary with room-darkening shades, comfy linens/pillows, and just the right temperature.

Relax your mind with a calming book, feel-good music, or a guided meditation.

Avoid blue light before bed by either avoiding screens, using the blue light filter on your smartphone, or wearing blue light-blocking glasses.

Want to do more? Take advantage of free access to the Headspace app to explore mindful rest and eating tools, access sleepscapes, meditations and more!

Schedule some time off. Vacation time is something you have earned, not a perk from your employer. Restore your body and mind with a well-earned break.
Access HNHN’s eight tips on making a restful vacation a reality.

Healthy Nurse. Healthy Nation. Inspire. Empower. Move.

Learn more about ANA Enterprise’s free nurse wellness program that’s open to everyone! We’re changing the health of the nation-one nurse at a time!

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