Year of the Nurse FAQs

ANA Enterprise - Nurses Month 2022 / Year of the Nurse FAQs


Why is Nurses Month replacing Nurses Week?

The American Nurses Association (ANA) declared May 6th to May 12th as the permanent week to celebrate nurses in 1993. Nearly 30 years later, at 4.3 million strong, nurses are the largest group of health care professionals and according to an annual Gallup poll, the most honest and ethical profession by the American public for 20 consecutive years. Clearly, a week is not enough.  The expansion to Nurses Month is intended to allow for greater engagement, participation, and recognition of nurses by many stakeholders.

A month-long celebration of nurses is a meaningful way to increase the understanding of the value of nursing by raising the visibility of the profession and the critical work nurses do. By elevating the profession, ANA hopes to spur greater investment in the support and increased capacity of the nursing workforce.


What is the overall theme/tagline for Nurses Month this year?

For Nurses Month, we have selected an evergreen theme that reflects gratitude as well as positivity toward our nursing community – “Nurses Make a Difference”.


Will there be weekly themes again this year and if so, what are they?

Yes. The ANA Enterprise will focus on a different theme each week during May. The goal is to inspire nurses to engage in activities that make a positive difference in their own health and well-being, professional development, and in their own community. Here is the list for each weekly theme in Nurses Month with corresponding dates:

  • Week 1 – Self-care (May 1 – 7)
  • Week 2 – Recognition (May 8 – 14)
  • Week 3 – Professional Development (May 15 – 21)
  • Week 4 – Community Engagement (May 22 – 28)


How can I participate in Nurses Month?

This year, ANA Enterprise is offering new content, and initiatives for Nurses Month 2022. Visit the enhanced Nurses Month website to learn more about each new offering and how you can get involved.

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